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We feature Uniwell Cash Registers and Touchscreen terminals for Restaurant, Bar, Deli, Cafe and Bakery applications as well as Convenience Stores and Grocery or Supermarket Scanning systems and Liquor stores.


The Uniwell line of cash registers also use state of the art technology, including "Flash Rom" technology, as well as computer interface through standard RS-232 in all models. The uniwell PLM 2000 software allows the programming and upload and download features to easilly program or change register programming, which allows the user to make any changes in the computer and download to the register at the appropiate time leaving the register open for use at all times.

                      Uniwell Products

QX-8000 Hospitality System


New Product!!

Advanced EPoS terminal equipped with 4.2 inch wide color LCD!

DX 915 Hospitality System

DX 915

HOT Product!!

DX 915 Touch Screen Hospitality, Fast Food Terminal

iX-15 All in One PC POS


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iX-15 All in One Point of Sale PC

DX 895 Hospitality System

DX 895

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DX 895 Touch Screen Hospitality Terminal

NX 5400 Register Syst

NX 5400

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Uniwell NX 5400 register with raised or flat keyboard

EX 560 Series

EX 560

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Uniwell EX 560 Series Retail System

EX 570 2 Station Thermal Printer Register

EX 570

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EX 570 Series 2 Station Thermal Printer Register

SX 6600 Register System

SX 6600

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SX 6600 Cash Register System

PX 6700 Terminal

PX 6700 Terminal

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PX 6700 Terminal with Flat or Stroke Keyboard

SX 8505

SX 8505

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Restaurant and Fast Food Flat Keyboard Terminal

SX 700 POS Hospitality System

SX 700

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SX 705 Hospitality System with Monochrome Display

TX 870 Hospitality System

TX 870

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Uniwell TX 875 (870) Hospitality/Fast Food Terminal

PX 5750 Register System

PX 5750

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PX 5750 Cash Register System

Epos BackOffice Software

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Epos File Management and Reporting Software

Drawer 342

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Drawer for use with TX/DX 870/890/915/7500/8000/700